Art Hidaways

Watercolour Painting
Perhaps one of the most difficult painting media, watercolour is also the media that works best when you want to work directly from the landscape. You will be able to learn and work in landscapes of staggering beauty.

The watercolour course makes this tricky media less daunting, by developing your knowledge gently in small steps. You will soon become 
proficient and enjoy making watercolours to be proud of.
Those more experienced will enjoy trying some tricks of the watercolour trade! like how to paint rain, mist or sun-rays!
Oil Painting

There are many ways to make an oil painting, smearing with a pallet knife, washing, dabbing, scrapping and blending, splashing and flicking, this is truly a media to play with. Unfortunately it is also a media where the unsuspecting can get into horrible mess! The oil painting course will guide you but not restrain you. Your confidence will grow as will your knowledge, After this course you will not be getting your impasto mixed up with your chiaroscuro, a cartoon will hold new meaning and you will know exactly what to do liquin!

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paints are a relatively young media, so none of us really know how long a painting in acrylics will last.
 However acrylic paint gives the artist a great deal of freedom. They dry like watercolour but can be over-painted like an oil. There are one or two drawbacks when using acrylics, drying time and finish but none of these problems are insurmountable. The acrylic painting course will teach you how to avoid problems and get the best out of this 'modern' media.

Pastel Painting

Pastels the most fragile and delicate of painting media yet capable of communicating great passion and thought. The term painting is used for pastels because when you work with them you are using many painterly skills. The pastel painting course will teach you how to blend, break and enliven colour and give you some ideas of what to do with these delicious chunks of pure pigment!