Art Hideaways

What is Drawing?

It is hard to know where drawing stops and painting begins, To a Japanese artist a drawing can be made with a brush using fine inks to an architect a drawing is a plan of what the building will look like,  Perhaps it is best to flexible when defining the role of a drawing.

as a way of expressing

This drawing is made using
charcoal and was made
as a response
to a
forest fire.

course is
designed to help
the student find ways
to express feelings using

Drawing to record- Sketch book skills

Drawing is a useful  tool that can be used to gather information.
 Drawing into a sketch book is a great way to spend time looking at a subject and thinking about what your next picture will be.
However sometimes our drawing skills just don't give us enough speed and freedom to record what we see.
During this course you will be given lots of hints and tips to help you improve your drawing skills.

You  should never have to abandon an idea just because you can not draw it.
Drawing to Illustrate

 How many times have you been asked to create a little illustration for a poster of a card? The skills of an illustrator are very specific and need practice. There will be time during your course to have a go - and learn some illustration tricks!
Drawing with Pen and Ink

Pen and ink work
and confidence
not so easy!

The pen and ink course will  help to prepare your thoughts, silence your worries and strengthen your confidence.