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Abe Huie-Jolly

I really enjoyed Sandy's art class. The combination of getting to see the beautiful sights and sounds of the tropical paradise of Bali combined with her art class was a fantastic combination. I can think of no better way to spend my time than learning and enjoying myself at the same time.

Abe joined the November/December 2012 Art-hideaways holiday to Bali

Antonia Lau

Joined the November/December 2012

 Art Holiday to Bali


 I signed up with artist, Sandy Infield of for a package that included fun art/batik lessons in the mornings followed by inspiring sightseeing and visits around Bali in the afternoons. There was never a dull moment because every day there was some activity planned or impromptu otherwise, say if there was a full-moon ceremony at the nearby temple not to be missed, Sandy would whisk us there in a heartbeat!


Sandy taught me painting over a period of several years. She introduced me to oil, watercolour and pastel painting. She is an inspirational teacher infecting students with her enthusiasm and skilfully supporting and encouraging those of all levels. I always found her comments and advice accurate and insightful; she helped me develop confidence and the ability to work independently.

Dr Jane Beckley

August 2011

Tina With one of her Batiks
Sylvia washing wax from her work

Bali March 2012

Sandy Infield is delight to work with.   I participated in her 3 day batik workshop in Bali in March 2012.  I have been fascinated with batik for a number of years but never had the opportunity to actually do it.  During Sandy’s workshop I was able to explore different ways to apply wax to the cloth, create designs and drawings, apply the batik dyes by both painting and dipping, as well as see the finished product by removing the wax.   The unknown in batik making is exciting but also a bit stressful because one cannot really know how the finished product will turn out.  As Sandy worked with us she helped us understand the “ unknown” characteristic of Batik making.   Her knowledge of the materials helped us to anticipate the possible outcome as we explored various techniques and color combinations.  She knows her craft and is able to put others at ease, helping participant to risk creating something new!  If I have the opportunity to study with Sandy again I will certainly do so.  I highly recommend her.


Tina Bailey, Bali Indonesia

Bali March 2012


Sandy Infield is a talented teacher whose enthusiasm for the creative expression is catching.  She creates an environment where even the most inexperienced student feels free to experiment and try new mediums.  The workshop takes place at an exquisite site.  While you work you are in view of a volcano’s crater with a jewel of a lake surrounded by Balinese villages.  The hotel staff bend over backwards to make your experience in Bali a positive one by taking you to hot springs, taking you on walks in the surrounding area and offering delightful classes in qui gong in the morning.


Sylvia Blanchet.

I recently had the great pleasure of attending workshops with Sandy Infield and her charming assistant Sue in Bali, Indonesia.  The workshops were set up to learn a special kind of batiking.  I had done batik before in a local class and found it somewhat difficult so I was initially reluctant to try again.  I emailed Sandy with my concerns and many questions and her gracious and encouraging reply made me decide to try it again.  She assured me she could help me with the process and in fact if I did not enjoy it she offered to teach me anything else I wanted to work on.  We agreed I would attend and I could switch to another media if I wanted. 
Sandy was true to her word.  Immediately upon meeting her I felt relaxed and ready to try anything.  She is an amazing teacher, knowledgeable about so many things, but most importantly knowing how to present her knowledge and skills to help students in a way that gives them confidence in their own abilities as well.  The class was fun, positive, enlightening, and opened my mind to many new possibilities in my pursuit of being an artist.  There were six people in the class and everyone ended up with several amazing pieces, all different from any others.  Sandy gave each student individual attention according to what the student wanted to accomplish.  So often classes are run as "cookie cutter" events in which each student must produce the same thing as it makes teaching and dealing with supplies easier.  This was not the case in Sandy's class.  Each student's work was treated with singular attention and respect for what each student wanted to do. 
What made all of it even more enjoyable was Sandy's sense of humor.  It rained several times during the workshop which made it more difficult for her to teach as we were working outside but she took it all in stride and devised ways around the obstacles.  Everyone was of course concentrating on their work but there was a lot of laughter, curiosity, and excitement in the whole group due to the relaxed and fun atmosphere that Sandy presented.  In fact, I loved the first workshop so much that I returned for the next one and learned other art skills, mostly drawing. She even assessed some previous work I had done and offered suggestions for improvement and other methods to try.  Sandy's versatility and willingness to adapt to her students' needs makes her a fabulous teacher. I am continuing to practice the skills she taught me and I am really looking forward to studying with her again.  Nicki Janczak