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Ubud is warm during the day but cooler in the evening so bring something light and warm to put on in the evenings. Occasionally there is warm rain it doesn’t last but you will be glad of light rain wear, a waterproof coat will do. Amed is warm all the time, you will need swimwear, sun block, and sun hat.


Bali is part of Indonesia and the currency is the Indonesian Rupiah you can get Rupiah out of the ATM’s using your bank debit or credit card. It is best to bring Rupiah if you can but next best is US$. You will need to bring enough cash to buy souvenirs, spa treatments, and drinks. Traveler’s cheques are quite difficult to cash because there are only a few banks that are authorized to change them.


If you have to bring medication bring either the original prescription or a letter (on headed paper) from your doctor. The Indonesian immigration might ask you to produce these when you arrive in the country.

There are two international standard hospitals both with pharmacies, if you are concerned about medication it is possible to check with the hospitals before you leave.


When you arrive in Bali you will have to fill in an immigration form, and pay for a tourist Visa. The Visa lasts for 30 days and costs approximately $25 there is no published price so allow enough cash to cover a slight increase.

When you leave Bali you will have to pay an airport tax. This is charged on your way through immigration so be sure to have enough cash to pay it in your hand luggage. Again there is no published price but you will be told the exact amount toward the end of your holiday.


Please feel free to bring favorite art materials, although be careful not to bring bottles of more than 10ml in your hand luggage. It is a good idea to bring a hard backed sketch book with good quality cartridge paper, there will be many sketching opportunities so make your book easy to carry probably A4 size is the best size.

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