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Last week I went for a walk over the Eridge Estate with a ten year old student of art,

 he wanted to learn about watercolour and landscape and “how to do it”.    


Chatting and walking I soon realized that when you are ten you don’t have many arty

 tricks to help you make pictures when you are faced by a real landscape and not a photo of it.


I decided to introduce my companion to some basic composition, tone and colour concepts.

He was very polite and tried to engage with my earnest teachings but somehow he just

 wasn’t very inspired. “When will I do a watercolour?” he asked as I banged on about

the golden mean and snowflakes, I had to draw breath and let him paint.



When I got home I wondered about my failed class and how other people deal with travel and art.

I Googleed it and found a blog about sketching and travel by Anthony Galván.

 Anthony illustrates his Blog with images from his sketch book as he gads about the world.

The sketches get more and more complex perhaps more and more self conscious,

the final effect is great though, as we get to know Anthony his sense of humor and the world!

What a great idea to take your sketch book with you and make little sketches of where you

are no concepts or rules just do it right then and there, ah but is it easier with a few skills.

The next blog that caught my eye was Anita Horton’s ‘Art, Teach, Travel”.

Anita has a wonderful light voice as she gently draws you into her posts like

a friend sharing a bit of gossip. Most of the blog is written with links to her art work,

I liked the small collection of pictures she calls ‘Bones’ but found her ‘PleinAir’ (in the open air)

collection a bit flat. I wonder if they were really done in the open air or from photos.

It doesn’t matter it is only a small part of her work and her blog is very inspiring.

But I am still left wondering whether it takes a few basic skills even to make a simple sketch of a landscape.

The Impressionist painters who were tired of contrived studio work and moved out into the landscape

had a few skills up their shirts you can see that from their work.

Claude Monet (1840-1926) View of Rouen 1883, Black chalk on blued Gillot paper


This sketch by Monet is in the Frick Collection I have a small feeling that he did not

struggle with concepts of composition and tone!

The last blog I found was less directly related to making sketches and skills but it did

catch my eye because it does inspire and it does see art in travel or travel in art?

It is called the worldartworldtravel blog and has posts from many different people about

their travel adventures and the art that they experienced. Perhaps that is it, the traveler

can find art in the landscape that h/she is traveling in whether the result is a sketch

a photo or a piece of writing; it is travel that inspires us.  

     Anthony Galván illustrates his Blog with images from his sketch book as he gads about the world.  

      Energetic bright and fun Blog by   Anita Horton is a teacher, traveler and artist.       

 Great idea a blog linking Art with travel there are Blogs’ by many different  people talking about  Art in Japan, Istanbul and much more.

Blog here.

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